Interview 2 - Ancient Truth Investigators

   Landlooker Society spoke with Rachel Rader about her project Ancient Truth Investigators (ATI) between December 2016 and October 2017. This is being published in February 2024. The work of the landlooker oft is slow. 

I met Rachel sometime in 2015 during a magical exhibition of recent ATI findings at Urban Glass in Brooklyn, NY. ATI presents as an extensive research team, and certainly has collaborative elements, though it is essentially an artistic exploration of Rachel’s conceiving. Rachel has an alter ego she calls the Chief Investigator who wears a lab coat and speaks about the objects at the center of her project as artifacts. ATI is part performance art, part sculptural series and part jewelry line. {And part energetic treatise.}

  LS: What is Ancient Truth Investigators’ origin story? Did ATI set out to uncover, discover, recover specific Ancient Truths? What was the original hypothesis?

It all started when I found a journal in my grandparents’ attic, that my Grandmother kept while in a secret organization called the Daughters of Oannes. In it she wrote about how this organization has kept secrets of Humanity’s connection to an ancient sea people for thousands of years through a matriarchal lineage. ATI evolved from this discovery and has built its core mission on the search for Humanity’s lost connection with the planet. The search is broad and is only specific to uncovering lost knowledge of Our potential to connect with the planet and each other. The original hypothesis was quickly confirmed of not only humanity’s limitless potential but of Humanity’s lost ancestry to a race of ancient sea people. The team has found numerous artifacts and relics that prove this conclusion.

LS: As an archaeological project, what is the significance of geographical place in ATI’s research? What is the significance of the sites of your discoveries - how did you come to find them?

There has been extensive research made by ATI to correlate the chakral energies of the planet to pin pointed locations. ATI has found evidence of 7 colonies of Sea People that relate not only to the 7 seas of the planet and their formation, but also to the 7 chakral energies of the world. It is the team’s mission to explore these energies first hand and to collect data of the colonies that once inhabited these geographical locations. ATI is not the first to chart the chakral energies of the planet. There is a community of believers in the potential energetic relationship with these energetic points. If you google search chakras of the planet, you’ll see not only ATI’s research but the growing community that aims to understand these energetic fields of the world.

LS: ATI’s most significant findings illuminate relationships between geography, geology, and planetary & animal {human} energies. Can you describe these connections in layman’s terms?

Have you ever had a situation in your life when you had to make a decision about something or someone and you followed your heart? Or maybe a situation where you had a gut feeling about someone? These feelings are based in chakral centers of the body. A chakra is an energy center of the body. We all have 7 chakral energies along the center (or meridian) of the body. When you follow your heart, you’re in tune with your heart chakra. Following your gut is you connecting with your sacral chakra. The more work you do to be in tune with your body, mind, and spirit, the more tapped in you are to yourself and the easier it is to connect with the energies of the planet.

LS: Can you share some examples of material objects found during ATI’s excavations & what they have revealed about ancient civilization? What can we learn from them?

ATI has found a significant number of artifacts that relate to the ancient Sea People. This race of half fish and half human once inhabited the waters of this planet. Darwin had it half right. With the technological advancements to unearth data in underwater excavations, ATI is able to add to the story of evolution. ATI has seen a wide scope of characteristics in these findings which points to the existence of 7 distinct species of Sea People. The bulk of our research has been made in the Mediterranean Sea, up until now. So the artifacts that have been collecting are sourced from this area. But as ATI expands, so does our research. Essentially, we are finding proof of what the Daughters of Oannes knew for generations, that the Ancient Sea People are our ancestors. We have found evidence of their capabilities that might be considered super powers to us today. They had psychokinesis (PK) and Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) which helped in navigating their underwater world. Because these are our ancestors, we all have the potential to connect with these abilities which have become dormant.

LS: In the Crystal Caves off the coast of Syria, ATI discovered an unique geological environment, with previously unknown minerals that have been determined to have ancient healing properties. Can these be mined in a sustainable way?  What are their potential impacts on our now & future?

The Crystal Caves is where a majority of the artifacts have been found that correlate to this ancient Sea People. We found that what remains after their extinction are their tools and relics of cultural significance… A majority of which were fabricated with or in combination with a series of crystals and stones. It is our belief that the Sea People used these stones as a material for these everyday items because of their energetic potential. In the lab, we have seen these stones respond to sound and light frequencies associated with the chakras. So, ATI has since begun to mine these elements for the use in ATI products such as the jewelry line called Chakra Enhancers™. ATI only sources renewable and sustainable amounts of these stones for our present purpose of healing. When these stones or Elements are used, one can unleash their positive manifestation powers.  

LS: As experts in Chakral Energy, does ATI believe that aligning individual chakras will aid in a universal aligning of energies? If the collective Qi is balanced will the world be more balanced? What does that look like?

Yes, if everyone on the planet were to listen to their intuitive prowess and align with the energies of the world, a massive shift could occur. Currently, we are not listening to the planet. We once lived in harmony in this world, but became disconnected during the industrial age. As soon as we started viewing the planet as a resource instead of a living and breathing force, we lost that connection. There is a way to return to alignment with the planet, through a conscious connection. This can start with ourselves, and lead to better connection with each other and eventually heal our connection with Earth.

LS: What’s next for the ATI research team? In the field? In the laboratory?

More explorations, research and development of the ATI project is underway. Until we get Humanity back to its original connection with the planet, we have a lot of work to do. I am currently developing a new book that will highlight my journey as the Chief Investigator and tell a little more about my story. There are a few locations that myself and the team would like to explore first hand for their energetic potential and bring back to the lab here in Brooklyn, NY**. So stay tuned.

Clara Dreehr, ATI Paranormal Specialist, and Rachel Rader, Chief Investigator
** In the many years since this interview, Rachel has relocated to Richmond, Virginia.